It’s a magical place for a magical audience,

said by Luka Brase (formerly Lukáš Brašeň) on its joint exhibition with Jozef Gašpierik in Palace Eriksson close to Prague’s Old Town Square.


At the opening, which was under great public interest held on September 9, 2015, there was a speech made to the visitors by Mr. Peter Weiss, the Ambassador of the Slovak Republic in Prague and as a musical interpret guest the exhibition was joined by tremendous South African jazz singer Melanie Scholz.

Both authors are Slovaks, Luka is a bit of a nomad, who travels as a professional artist through the Europe, Jozef Gašpierik is a dedicated amateur painter, who works in financial sector in Prague.

The exhibition is the result of a project to support emerging Slovak artists living abroad, which has been much discussed in Slovak House in Prague as well, which could be continued as well as was initiated by a project Flow East Art Hub, which provides talented artists studios in the city center for free.

Luka Brase is a painter, illustrator and photographer, which is currently on his European tour. He arrived to Prague after his last exhibition in Norway. A native of Dolny Kubin, Slovakia, has had 10 solo and 13 collective exhibitions in European galleries. Besides Slovakia he exhibited in Ireland, Belgium, Austria, Great Britain or the Netherlands. He is the author of illustrations for the book Candidate by Michal Havran and Maroš Hečko.

Jozef Gašpierik is a straightforward artist, presenting a unique combination of artistic styles, the perfect fusion of acrylic and ink applied to the canvas. His greater inspiration is the woman as whole and everyday scenes of life. The works are, of course, primarily a visual expression of the inner imagination of the author.

Both artists have also created a unique joint work – painting on the glass.

Slovak Touches – Naďa Vokušová/Editor